In 2021, WindEurope Welcomes Energy Startups & Innovators to Electric City

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To achieve climate-neutrality, wind energy will need to make a much larger contribution to the power mix – up to five times what we have today. This calls for changes across the board. Technological leaps, new business models, and new relationships between different energy industries. And with economic recovery calling for fresh approaches, now is the time for wind to step up to the mark and showcase its capacity to innovate.

The wind industry is set to be the backbone of Europe’s energy mix, and Electric City 2021 is where we begin to set that future in motion, one great idea at a time.

One of the first events coming out of the pandemic

Electric City is 2021’s largest on- and offshore wind event in Europe. 10,000 participants will come together from 23 to 25 November for the conference and exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark. And it promises to be unlike any other wind energy event. The focus will be on innovation and new ways forward: new ideas, new partnerships, and new business models between wind and other industries.

Because Electric City is likely to be one of the first big events coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, WindEurope’s team is working out concepts to make the event safe for everyone involved.

Who will you meet at Electric City?

The entire on- and offshore wind industry will be there: the whole supply chain, from market leaders to SMOs, as well as leaders from the worlds of energy policy, finance, and academia. This includes leading energy industry players such as Shell International, EnBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, Vattenfall AB, and many more.

But the event will also host players from beyond wind energy. Participants from other sectors – heavy industry, mobility, district, and domestic heating, storage, hybrids, hydrogen and many more – will be there to do business and give their input on building a greener economy.

Why will so many different industries be at Electric City?

Major industries like chemicals, steel, and others are actively looking to decarbonize by replacing the fossil fuel energy they use with clean electricity. The heating and transport sectors are looking to go electric too.

These sectors want to do business with renewables, hence Electric City is a place where win-win synergies between energy and other energy players can take shape and go to the next level and go towards a clean energy future.

How can you benefit from joining Electric City?

Startups play a starring role at Electric City. Why? Because you can’t build a new world without pushing new approaches and fresh ideas to the fore.

The Innovation Park is a special area on the exhibition floor, centered on showcasing new ideas and products from budding energy innovators. At the Innovation Park, you will have your own exclusive exhibition space to display slides, give information, and hand out flyers/reports on project activities. You also get a guaranteed speaking slot on the stage to pitch your startup. In the meantime, you’ll receive enhanced visibility with a printed logo on the exhibition space, a dedicated page on the event website, and plenty of social media coverage. It is the ideal location to profile your organization, meet other innovators, and showcase your vision with the entire wind industry value chain and its energy partners.

Overall, here’s what’s in it for you:

  • 2 exhibition staff passes
  • Speaking slot on stage
  • Online visibility
  • 1 Startup Station

Book now to enjoy a 60% discount, free cancellation, and no down payment!



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