Heads Up: Smart Glass Multimeter

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Sometimes it is hard to probe a circuit and then look over at the meter. [Electronoobs] decided to fix that problem by making a Google Glass-like multimeter using an OLED screen and Bluetooth module.

The custom PCB doesn’t have many surprises. A small board has a controller, a battery charger, a display, and a Bluetooth module. One thing he did forget is a switch, though, so the board is always on unless you arrange an external switch.

The CPU was pulled from an existing Arduino module which, we suppose, has the virtue of having a bootloader already set up, but we’d probably just use a new chip if we were building it. The optics require a mirror and lens so you can see the display in focus. Paradoxically, the display is in the back, allowing you to focus on it easily.

If you haven’t used the Bluetooth modules before, this is a good introduction project and shows two ways to connect the modules together.

We should mention, the project took inspiration from a similar project by [Alain Mauer] over on Hackaday.io. We’ve seen plenty of designs for these glasses-mounted displays, including a good one by a 13-year-old.