Accolade doubles down on personalized mental health services with new offerings

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Raj Singh, CEO of Accolade. (GeekWire Photo / Dan DeLong)

Health benefits platform company Accolade is expanding its offerings to add two personalized services with an emphasis on mental health, the company announced Tuesday.

The offerings will be provided as options for the company’s employer customer base, which includes Comcast Cable, American Airlines, Lowe’s, and State Farm.

“We’re building on the existing relationship we have with our customers who are very familiar with our track record of delivering value,” said Accolade’s senior vice president of investor relations, Todd Friedman, in a phone call with reporters Tuesday.

The Seattle and Philadelphia-based company offers services that help employees and their families navigate health benefits and medical care. Accolade tracks health data such as outcomes from medical providers with the aim of reducing cost and increasing care quality, for instance by matching users with health providers.

The company, which went public in July last year, serves more than nine million members and 400 customers.

This year Accolade expanded on its services with two major acquisitions. In April, it acquired PlushCare, a startup that offers virtual primary care. And in January, Accolade payed $460 million for 2nd.MD, expanding its ability to provide medical opinions from specialists, local medical support, and services for members to help navigate the medical system.

The new offerings incorporate some of Accolade’s existing services and build on them.

Accolade One provides members access to virtual primary and mental health care teams and additional services such as clinical programs that can help manage chronic conditions.

Accolade Care provides mental and physical health services in a fuller set of advocacy, care and clinical capabilities. Accolade’s multidisciplinary care teams include nurses, primary care physicians, health coaches, pharmacists, and mental health professionals.

Both offerings provide access to a physician who “stays with you forever throughout your health care journey” and is available by video or messaging, said CEO Raj Singh at an online customer presentation on Tuesday.

The pandemic has exacerbated mental health conditions in the U.S., noted chief medical officer Shantanu Nundy. He added that by placing primary care providers and therapists on the same platform with access to the same data, “we can warrant better outcomes for both mental as well as physical health conditions.”

The offerings also build on Accolade’s partnership with mental health service Ginger, which includes outreach to participating Accolade members deemed at risk of mental health challenges, based on data analysis.

The new options deliver services as part of a “value-based health care” model that de-emphasizes fee-for service pricing, said Singh, who previously led the software giant Concur, which sold to SAP for $8.3 billion. Accolade’s analytics capabilities for assessing patient needs and outcomes help support that model, which also provides higher quality care, he said.

“Value-based care should replace fee-for-service health care in the United States. And we’re here to enable that for the customers we serve,” said Singh, who leads the company with Mike Hilton, another Concur co-founder who is now chief innovation officer at Accolade.