3D Printed Preschooler Proof MP3 Player Takes A Beat-ing

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Kid Friendly MP3 Cube

Prototyping new ideas can be a lot of fun, but putting new projects in a durable enclosure can be a difficulty. This is especially the case when the user of this product is one of the most destructive forces in nature: A toddler! This is the circumstance that [blue blade] found himself in when he wanted to build a durable MP3 player for his grandson, and you can see the results of his work below the break.

The hardware is simple: A 16850 lithium-ion battery powers an MP3 Decoder/Amplifier module that plays MP3s stored on a Micro SD card. A speaker, power switch, and micro USB powered battery charger complete the build. What stands out most is the enclosure. Why?

When children are involved, durability isn’t a matter of product lifetime, it’s also a matter of safety. Items that are easily broken aren’t just useless, they can be dangerous. With this in mind, [blue blade] built a brightly colored enclosure with extra thick walls joined by metal bolts. Externally, a rounded cover bolts over the charger connector and Micro SD card slot. The only other protrusion is a lighted rocker switch for powering the MP3 player on and off.

The attention to durability also extends to the interior of the MP3 cube. Cutouts for the electronics keep them from moving horizontally, while a clip bolts over them to keep them firmly planted. Zip ties hold the battery to the base, and hot glue provides an extra element of security to the circuit boards. Even the speaker is held firmly in place by four bolts. [blue blade] has made the print available with a Creative Commons license.

What’s more, [blue blade] reports that his grandson loves the toy, and that the cube has withstood over six months of toddler abuse. Clearly, the attention to details given this toy has made it nearly indestructible!

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