Warriors Would Have Taken Anthony Edwards Over LaMelo Ball At No. 2

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The Golden State Warriors selected James Wiseman at No. 2, which has already become a scrutinized due to the emergence of LaMelo Ball. But the Warriors could have even selected Anthony Edwards over Ball. All three rookies have shown glimpses of star potential though Ball has separated himself this season.

“They really believe in James Wiseman,” said Ramona Shelburne on The Hoop Collective Podcast. “They think he’s going to become a future All-Star. They think he’s going to be a future pillar of the franchise.

“I checked… there was a storyline out there that LaMelo Ball thought they were going to pick him at two. Everything I’ve been told is that that’s a miscommunication or something was wrong there.”

“As far as I know, they were laser focused [on Wiseman],” replied Brian Windhorst.

“A very good source told me they would have picked James Wiseman No. 1 if they had the pick. He was the highest on their board. They never wavered on that. If Minnesota would have taken Wiseman one, the Warriors would have taken Anthony Edwards at No. 2.

“I think some of the issue with LaMelo is… They really liked LaMelo. They were really high on him. I don’t know if they were as bullish on the fit with Stephen Curry. And at the time, remember, most of the time they were seeing him Klay Thompson was still okay.”