Warriors Feel ‘Responsibility’ To Stephen Curry To Maximize Title Window

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The front office of the Golden State Warriors is committed to maximizing the remaining prime seasons of the Stephen Curry.

Curry is having his best individual season since the second of his two MVPs in 15-16.

“We feel that responsibility until that guy’s retired or not on our team,” Bob Myers explained. “You have to honor that. You have to do what you can, but that doesn’t mean those opportunities are out there every day and they’re easy to find. You’re always looking, but that’s the job. That’s what we do, and we get it.

“I don’t feel that way because social media feels that way, or there’s pressure to feel that way. I feel that pressure because I’m competitive, and I want to win and I grew up a Warriors fan. I want to give the fans a great team, just like everybody else. So we hear that [chatter], but we’re always trying to [improve].”

The Warriors have a different challenge to build around Curry at this stage in his career than they did when he was on arguably the most team friendly contract in NBA history and the core around him was younger.

“What’s your responsibility? It’s to help him win a championship, to put the best players around him that you can,” Myers said. “So we try to do that, and I think for a stretch, we did. … And now we say, ‘How do we keep doing that?’ And it never was easy then, and it’s not easy now, but — we don’t ever have it all figured out.

“Even when you win a championship, you’re not sitting there going, ‘Oh, we’re great. We’re better than everybody else. We pushed all the right buttons.’ You still make mistakes, you still learn from ’em along the way.”