Tom Thibodeau After Knicks Return To .500: All Wins ‘Count The Same’

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Tom Thibodeau said the New York Knicks’ 110-107 win over the Indiana Pacers that brought the team back to .500 for the season didn’t take on any extra meaning.

The Knicks were at one point down double-digits in the game.

“One game doesn’t take on more meaning than another. They all count the same. And wherever you end up, that can be the difference between a lot of things.

So we have to understand how important each day is, have to understand how important each practice is, we have to understand how important each possession is. And so if we want to fight for things we say we want to fight for, there’s a price to pay for that, and we have to do that.”

The Knicks are currently 17-17 on the season, and are the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Julius Randle, who finished the game with 28 points and 10 rebounds, added that he took the matchup against Domantas Sabonis personally from a competitive standpoint.

“As a competitor, sometimes there are just individual matchups that you take — not personal like you don’t like the other guy — just personal from a competitive standpoint. So it was that.”