Tension Mounting Between Vaccinated, Unvaccinated In NBA

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Tension exists between those around the NBA mandated to be vaccinated and the nearly 40 unvaccinated players (10 percent), sources tell Baxter Holmes of ESPN.

Some staffers say they’re upset players aren’t facing the same vaccine requirements as most team staff and referees, while in others there’s animosity toward the league itself for not imposing such a mandate.

“Everyone who is vaccinated should be pissed at those who aren’t,” a veteran assistant coach said, adding, “Not requiring NBA players to be vaccinated is horse s–t.”

The NBA pushed for mandatory vaccinations for players, but the NBPA has refused to budge on a vaccine mandate.

Health and safety protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated players have not yet been finalized, but it’s expected that unvaccinated players will face more testing and be asked to sit in separate areas.

One general manager told ESPN that the issue of tension between those who are mandated to be vaccinated and those who aren’t “‘just speaks to selfishness run amok. But the NBA is comprised of human beings and we are seeing the same thing in the public at large.”