NBA Has No Plans To Change Current Logo

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The NBA is not discussing the possibility of changing the logo from Jerry West to Kobe Bryant.

There has been support for the change, most notably by Kyrie Irving.

“Again, everything changes over time,” Adam Silver said. “Nothing’s permanently fixed. But the logo is iconic. As you know, we’re distributed globally. Even changing the logo, purely even from a legal standpoint, isn’t an easy exercise. Not that that should be the impediment … [but] it doesn’t feel to me that this is the appropriate moment to be changing the logo.

“While it’s never been officially declared that the logo is Jerry West, it sure looks a lot like him. He still is thriving in our community. I know he’s so self-effacing and has said, please change it if that’s what people want to do. It just doesn’t feel like the right moment to be thinking about that.

“That doesn’t mean, again, that we won’t turn back and look at it at some point. To me, I appreciate the sentiments, but it feels like the logo is appropriate right now.”