Mike Malone: We’re Back To Playing With Two Stars

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Jamal Murray emerged as one of the NBA’s most promising young stars during the 2021 playoffs, but he struggled to start the 20-21 season.

In the final 13 games before the All-Star break, in which Denver went 9-4, Murray actually surpassed his bubble numbers in scoring (26.9 ppg), effective field goal percentage (65.6%) and 3-point percentage (47%).

“We’re back to playing with two stars,” said Mike Malone.

Part of Murray’s adjustment this season has been the fact his family remains in Canada due to the strict health protocols in that country.

“Jamal is a very young guy who’s used to being around his family — which is as close knit as I’ve ever seen — all the time, and now all of a sudden he can’t see them at all,” Tim Connelly says. “It’s been a real challenge. They’re doing a great job of staying connected from afar, but it’s not the same thing.”