Kyrie Irving On Leadership Growth: ‘It’s Not On Me To Lead The Group By Myself’

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Kyrie Irving discussed his growth as a leader on the Brooklyn Nets this season, adding that he had learned from his previous experiences with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics.

“You gotta be able to galvanize the group, even when it’s low and even when it’s high. It’s the balance of leadership. There isn’t one leader. And I’ve had to accept that too, it’s not on me to lead the group by myself, and be the hero that everybody wants,” said Irving on Thursday.

The Nets currently have an eight-game win streak, with Irving averaging 27.4 points on the season.

Irving added that he now takes accountability for past failures of leadership.

“I’m grateful to be in this position to be able to set a better example now than I did then. And I take accountability for not necessarily stepping up to the plate or stepping up the responsibility for my own actions. I had a lot to do with success and failures of the teams I was on. I take my role very serious in terms of that, and I’ve been able to learn lessons from that to give to other. That’s been the most beautiful part, is just to learn.”