Kevin Garnett Announces He’s Out Of Running To Purchase Wolves

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Kevin Garnett announced on Instagram that he is out of the running to purchase the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Garnett and Glen Taylor have had an icy relationship in recent years with Garnett feeling Taylor broke promises that were made when he returned to the Wolves in 2015. Saunders and Garnett spoke often about their desire to put a group together to buy the team from Taylor, but Saunders died in October of that year. Garnett called Taylor “a snake” and ripped him in interviews with The Athletic and TNT.

Garnett has either complimented Taylor or has gone out of his way to avoid criticizing him of late.

Taylor was open to being approached by Garnett or a group representing him, but there was always skepticism that Garnett could amass enough money to meet an asking price that was expected to soar well past $1.3 billion.

Taylor contends Garnett never reached out with interest in purchasing the franchise.

“Kevin never contacted me at all saying that he was interested,” Taylor said in a phone call with The Athletic. “Nor was his name listed on any of the buying groups that asked for financial information to review.”

Taylor said he has received interest from at least 10 people or families, including two former NBA players, but not from Garnett.

“I really expected that he probably would have (made a bid),” Taylor said. “He never contacted me, pursued it, nor was his name ever really listed in any group.”

Taylor remains committed to selling the franchise to a group that will keep the Wolves in Minnesota.