Jonathan Isaac Believes Unvaccinated Players Are ‘Vilified’, ‘Bullied’

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Jonathan Isaac rose to prominence as a contrarian personality within the NBA when he stood for the national anthem during the NBA’s restart in 2020 in Orlando. Every other player, except Meyers Leonard, took a knee in protest of police killings of Black people.

“I’m not going to sit here and point my fingers at one group of people,” Isaac, who is Black, tells RS. “I would do it again.”

Isaac is also proudly unvaccinated.

Isaac considers un-vaxxed players to be vilified and bullied, and he thinks “it’s an injustice” to automatically make heroes out of vaccinated celebrities.

“You can play on the same court. We can touch the same ball. We can bump chests. We can do all those things on the court. And then when it comes to being on the bus, we have to be in different parts of the bus? To me, it doesn’t seem logically consistent.

“If you are vaccinated, in other places you still have to wear the mask regardless. It’s like, ‘OK, then what is the mask necessarily for?'” Isaac continues. “And if Kyrie says that from his position of his executive power in the NBPA, then kudos to him.”