Jaylen Brown To Have Inhaler Coming Out Of COVID-19 Recovery

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Jaylen Brown will be in the starting lineup for the Boston Celtics to open the season after testing positive for COVID-19 on Oct. 8.

Brown, who had been listed as questionable on Tuesday afternoon, said he had “some mild symptoms for the most part,” including some breathing issues that he used meditation to navigate through.

“The most concerning was my breathing,” Brown said. “I had to really focus to get my breathing kind of back to normal. … But the more I focused on it, the better I was able to gain more efficiency in it.”

The Celtics have provided an inhaler for Brown in case he needs it.

“I feel pretty good for the most part,” Brown said. “Just coming off being in quarantine and ramping the intensity level, there’s obviously concerns, risk of injury and things like that. Some of the coaches are concerned it might be too soon, just because this is the NBA.”