Jaylen Brown Dealing With Tendonitis In Left Knee

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Danny Ainge revealed Jaylen Brown has tendonitis in his left knee.

We’re concerned. Jaylen has tendonitis in his [left] knee,” Ainge said. “We’re concerned about it. We’re doing everything we can. Giving him the two days rest isn’t going to cure it, it’s just going to lighten the load.”

Brown’s minutes dipped in early February before missing two games.

Ainge downplayed the significance of the diagnosis later in the interview.

“I don’t know how serious it is, but I have been given no reason to be concerned about anything long term…I don’t think there’s any long term concerns at all.”

“It’s a very common thing among NBA players, tendinitis in that patella tendon,” Ainge added. “We’ll just keep keep tabs on it the best we can and try to get the best version of Jaylen that we can have.”