Exec: I Think It’s Going To Be A Boring Deadline

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The NBA had an active trade period between the week of the draft in November and the James Harden trade in early January as Harden, Jrue Holiday, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and John Wall were traded.

With Bradley Beal off the market and so many contending teams lacking assets or cap maneuverability to execute a meaningful trade, next week’s trade deadline may only feature role players.

“I just think it’s going to be a boring deadline,” a Western Conference executive told ESPN.

While Kyle Lowry could be moved as a pending free agent, it is hard to construct a trade scenario that makes sense for both the Toronto Raptors and the team that would acquire him.

“I think they’ve got to take a long look at where they’re going,” said an East scout. “Are they really going to pay [Lowry] and have him there for three or four years?”