Evan Fournier Not Ready To Think About Free Agency With Celtics

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While Danny Ainge expressed optimism of the Boston Celtics’ ability to re-sign Evan Fournier this offseason, the newly acquired wing isn’t ready to talk about his free agency.

“Obviously yes but that’s not my focus at all, to be honest,” Fournier said. “My focus right now is just to learn the plays, learn how to play with my teammate, and win games. Obviously, if I can have success here and help the team win and have an impact on winning, that’s too forward. I like to stay in the present, stay in the moment. Just help the team win tonight.”

“We had an obvious need for another wing that can do what he does, and we’re fortunate he’s with us, and he’s on our team,” Brad Stevens said. “So I got a chance to go over to the gym yesterday while he was shooting around when we got back and then this morning we went through some stuff prior to our shoot around, we shot around as a team for 30 minutes, so he’s gotten the crash course in a very short amount of time.

“He’s a veteran. He’s been there, done that. He’s played against us, you know, tons of times, probably knows our plays as well as anybody, and certainly we just want him to play to his strengths and not worry about anything else.”