Brad Stevens Says Kemba Walker ‘Willed’ Celtics To Win Over Pacers

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Brad Stevens credited Kemba Walker’s leadership for the Boston Celtics’ 118-112 win over the Indiana Pacers to snap a three-game losing streak.

Walker finished the game with 32 points and 6 assists.

“I don’t think we win the game without his will. I think that no matter how everyone is playing, when that thing was 18-4, he was the loudest voice. He willed us back into that thing. And now, we’re back on our footing, [and] we have a little bit of confidence, which has been shot this week,” said Stevens afterwards.

Walker had come into the game shooting 37.5% from the field, the second-lowest of his career.

Walker added that it’s up to the team’s veterans to sort of their recent struggles.

“We’ll figure it out. That’s on me. That’s on Jaylen. That’s on Jayson. That’s on Marcus [Smart]. And then Tristan [Thompson] and Jeff are gonna add on to that, as well. That’s on the veteran guys, as well as Brad, too. We’ve got to keep it together. We can’t let nobody go in any other direction. Even though things might not be going as well as we would like it at the moment, but things could change really fast, so the only way you can get out of struggles is by doing it together.”