Ben Simmons Meets With Daryl Morey, Doc Rivers

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Ben Simmons met with Daryl Morey and Doc Rivers at the Philadelphia 76ers’ practice facility on Tuesday. It was the first time Simmons has communicated directly with personnel from the 76ers since his August meeting in Los Angeles.

Simmons has now also resumed responding to phone calls and text messages from 76ers’ personnel in well over a month.

Morey and Rivers once again asked Simmons for his reasoning for seeking a trade elsewhere. Simmons has only directly mentioned a general interest in a new start, alluding to wanting to grow his game in a different situation.

Dating back to dialogues at the NBA Combine, Philadelphia has been adamant that they would withhold compensation from Simmons if he didn’t report.

Later, at Rich Paul’s home during the August meeting, Rivers even shouted, “It’s in your f–king contract” to report and play for Philadelphia.

As of Wednesday, it remains undetermined if Simmons will return to game action.