Andrew Wiggins Remains Against COVID-19 Vaccination, Could Miss Home Games

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The Golden State Warriors are concerned about the status of Andrew Wiggins this season for home games as he continues to plan to not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

The city of San Francisco requires full vaccination to be allowed indoors for entertainment.

Sources believe the NBA will grant Wiggins a religious exemption.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health said it would not comment on Wiggins’ specific situation unless he is granted a religious exemption from the NBA.

“We are actively addressing the matter of requests for religious exemption from vaccinations across many industries and will work with our business and entertainment community on next steps,” the San Francisco Department of Public Health said in a statement. “We will provide further clarification on this topic.”

Wiggins would forfeit more than $350,000 for each game he is forced to miss.

The Warriors recently connected Wiggins with an Oakland doctor who understands issues surrounding vaccine hesitancy. Wiggins remains unmoved in his decision against vaccination.