Adam Silver: Long-Term Financial Health OF NBA Is Very Solid

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Like many businesses, the NBA has had a reduction in revenues due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Adam Silver was asked on Saturday about the financial state of the league and he remains bullish on the long-term forecast.

The long-term health of the league is very solid,” said Silver. “Between last year and this year, we’re looking at considerable losses. I generally don’t talk about that publicly because teams are largely privately held. We’re not suggesting that is anybody else’s issue but ours.

“Last season and this season has required a significant investment on the part of the team owners. They accept that. Players will end up taking a reduction in salary this season because they are partners with the league and teams on revenue. The executives, team executives, have all taken haircuts on their salary.

“I think when we all step back, we feel very fortunate to be working under these circumstances. My sense is the players feel the same way.”