Aaron Gordon On Trade Request: ‘I Just Expressed My Frustration To Management’

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Aaron Gordon said that mounting frustrations with losses and injuries were reasons why he asked the Orlando Magic for a trade earlier in the season.

The Athletic reported that Gordon asked to be traded in February.

“There’s been times where I just expressed my frustration to management. Frustration with the losses, the injuries, the way we’ve been playing and how many losses have accumulated over the years. So it’s just my frustration kind of boiling over I would say. … I think a lot of people share that sentiment with me, of frustration,” said Gordon.

Gordon has been the subject of several trade rumors and is expected to be traded before Thursday’s deadline.

Gordon added that he’ll continue to play hard despite the rumors.

I’ve been here for seven years, developed a home here, a sense of love and community here. For as long as I have Orlando on my chest, Magic on my chest, I’m going to give it everything I have.”