76ers Are Waiting On A “Prayer” For Damian Lillard Trade

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It’s no secret the Philadelphia 76ers would love to add Damian Lillard in a swap that includes Ben Simmons. A league source says that isn’t realistic right now. That source added that the Sixers are “waiting on a prayer” in hopes of dealing for the Portland Trail Blazers star.

When Daryl Morey, Doc Rivers, Josh Harris, and Elton Brand met with Simmons and Rich Paul in Los Angeles, Simmons’ camp believed a deal would go down by the 2021 NBA Draft. At that meeting, Simmons made it clear he wouldn’t be returning to Philadelphia.

Several teams remain engaged with the Sixers in trade talks for Simmons. To this point, Morey has held out in hopes of landing a deal for a star player, whether that be Lillard or Bradley Beal. While that plays out, Simmons continues to be a holdout from the preseason.