‘You’re the Worst!’ Mila Kunis Trolls Ashton Kutcher Over French Accent

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Support system or heckler? Mila Kunis could not control her laughter while filming a video of husband Ashton Kutcher as he promoted their Outside Wine venture.

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The Ranch alum, 43, began the four-minute Instagram video, posted on Wednesday, August 18, by speaking in a French accent. However, when the bit did not work, he chose to drop the European flair in favor of the straightforward approach. “I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul Newman,” he explained, causing Kunis, 38, to break into a fit of giggles.

“What a transition, babe!” the Bad Moms star teased before encouraging him to proceed.

Kutcher paused to question her intentions. “Are you hazing me off screen?” he asked. When he attempted to resume using the accent, Kunis urged him to pick up where he left off — and in his normal voice. “Are you the f–king cameraman or the director?” he inquired.

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The Two and a Half Men alum went on to detail how the late Newman used his platform for good with Newman’s Own, which he and the Black Swan actress also hope to do with Outside Wine after launching the initial product during the coronavirus pandemic. They raised $1 million to give away to charity and decided they should continue the project.

Kutcher tried to take the rest of the video seriously, but he had to reprimand Kunis when she chimed in during his speech. “You’re the worst cameraman/director ever, for all time,” he exclaimed as she laughed. “I still love you.”

When the couple’s dog later walked into the shot, the Friends With Benefits star panned the camera away from her former That ‘70s Show costar so viewers could see what the pet was doing. “You’re just, like, tracking the dog in the middle!” he scolded. “Am I that boring?”

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For the latest iteration of Outside Wine, the pair partnered with Tony Hawk’s The Skatepark Project and Thorn, so all the profits from sales will go to the organizations. “Every three months, we’re gonna add another charity from another friend of ours or someone that we know who we think is doing something extraordinary so we can continue to give,” Kutcher said.

Earlier this month, the duo poked fun at themselves after starting a bathing debate among celebrities. Kunis laughed as Kutcher joked about their daughter, Wyatt, 6, and their son, Dimitri, 4, showering.

“Are you trying to injure them with water?” he yelled. “This is ridiculous. What is going on?”

Kutcher and Kunis previously revealed on a July episode of the “Armchair Expert” podcast how often they made their kids take a bath. “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them,” he suggested. “Otherwise, there’s no point.”