Vibrating Alarm Clocks So Effective That You Won’t Hit Snooze

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Realizing that you slept through your alarm is the worst. It jolts you awake and sends you careening through your apartment in a panic state. It essentially undos all of that restful beauty sleep you got. You definitely won’t have time to get ready. You’ll throw on the first items of clothing you see and sprint out the door. You’ll be in a bad mood for the entire day. Sleeping through an alarm isn’t something we want to experience again. If the culprit is your too-quiet phone alarm or your body going rogue, you can remedy your oversleeping with a heavy-duty, vibrating alarm clock. 

The three clocks below use a two-pronged approach to get your REM-stage sleeping butt out of bed. In addition to the jarring noise from the alarm clock, there is an extendable shaker that sits on your bed and vibrates. With one of our picks, you can set a dual alarm for you and your partner. The person who wakes up earlier can wake up with the otherwise silent vibrant alarm, and the later sleeper can set a more traditionally loud alarm. We rounded up the best vibrating alarm clocks that’ll wake even the heaviest snoozer. It’s time to break-up with your snooze button.