These Stronghold Eyebrow Gels Are the Secret to Brows on Fleek

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Some days you wake up with brows like two shapely goddesses ready to take on the world, but most days they pull a Miley Cyrus and can’t be tamed with a stroke of a spoolie brush. To keep your brows in formation, Beyonce-style, what you need is a sleight of hand and a lot of products: pencils for detailing, powders for filling and eyebrow gel to lock in the finished look. 

If nothing else, eyebrow gel is the number one brow product everyone should own because while she plays well with others, she works independently, too: Brow gel sets in product, brushes, volumizes and aligns each fiber just so to meet your mold. No powders or pencils? No problem. This type of gel isn’t the clear pomade guys use to style their coif; some formulas are available tinted to match your natural brow color. This way, you can fill in your brows and define their shape with a single tool.  

Bottom line: Brow gels are an asset to any beauty collection, and if you aren’t already stocked up on products, we’ve rounded up some of the best eyebrow gels on the market to peak your interest.