The Full Moon In Aquarius Calls For A LOT Of Serious Soul-Searching

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The second Full Moon in Aquarius of the year has arrivedand it’s quite magical. Last month’s Full Moon in Aquarius gave us a chance to fly our freak flags high while stepping knee-deep into our uniqueness. This time around, the full moon is asking us to double down by magnifying anything standing in our way. Are you ready?

A full moon happens every 28 days when the sun and the moon face off at 180 degrees. In Astrology, when the Sun (the source of our identity, conscious actions and ego) and the Moon (the ruler our emotions, habits, needs and unconscious reactions) appear in this aspect or configuration, we are challenged to dig up something from our unconscious, shine light on it and integrate it into our being. 

As the Sun travels through the zodiac throughout the year, we get to tackle different areas of our lives in order to make progress towards a more holistic emotional and spiritual evolution. During some very special years, we get to focus on one area that needs a little extra attention—and this year, it happens to be Aquarius. The last time we’ve had this much Aquarian full moon energy was back in 2013. This time around, Jupiter is lighting up the full moon with it’s powerful magnifying and expansive power. So, whatever came up for you last month, this full moon may push you to double down on dredging through your inner world with a flashlight and journal until you find the light switch to brighten things up. 

The full moon is a time for cleansing and clearing, but you’ve gotta be ready to let the light in.

Speaking of digging deeper, journaling during a full moon is a fantastic way to pull out some learnings from your unconscious mind. You can start with a prompt like “What’s been weighing on my mind recently,” and let your writing take you on an explorative journey to get to the core of whatever’s been dragging your energy down. Another idea is to imagine a conversation between you and the moon, asking her to share her messages of this glorious full moon.

Afterwards, you might even want to try a meditative ritual bath to further integrate whatever comes up. The full moon is a time for cleansing and clearing, but you’ve gotta be ready to let the light in. Think of it this way: If you’re proactive by getting in there armed with your flashlight and curiosity, you may avoid the universe smashing in your windows to let the light in. Beat it to the punch and take control of the narrative!

Speaking of smashing windows, don’t worry—this full moon should be pretty tame. Late Scorpios, early Capricorns, late Tauruses, early Geminis, late Leos and early Virgos might feel this full moon the most intensely. If you’re one of these signs, make sure you carve out time for self-reflection, as you might find that you come up with some powerful epiphanies.

For Everyone else, find a little time to have a private dance party or a little bit of fun. Enjoy the presence of Jupiter and let it expand your appreciation of all that makes you special! No matter your sign, remember to bring out your favorite smudge stick and let the sacred smoke reach every nook and cranny of your abode. The best time to clear will always be when you think you don’t need it, especially on a full moon. 

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