Original ‘Baby-Sitter’s Club’ Movie Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Best friends forever! The Baby-Sitters Club inspired fans to run their own day camps, form lifelong friendships and become mini entrepreneurs.

The 1995 film, which is based on the Baby-Sitters Club book series, followed the lives of seven middle school-aged girls who created a day care camp for kids. In addition to their roles as sitters, each young woman grappled with their own set of growing pains, including love, heartbreak, loss and more.

The books, which were published between 1986 and 2000 and written by Ann M. Martin, inspired a short-lived TV show in 1990 as well. In July 2020, Netflix revived the series.

However, it’s the 1995 movie that has stood the test of time — and the stars of the beloved classic couldn’t be more grateful for their part in it.

“I am on a text chain with all the babysitters,” Larisa Oleynik, who played Dawn in the original movie, said in a July 2020 Netflix video. “I’ve made some lifelong friendships from The Baby-Sitters Club and that’s what The Baby-Sitters Club is about. Banding together and doing it yourself. Creating jobs.”

The 10 Things I Hate About You actress recalled auditioning for a few different characters before landing the role of Mary Ann’s (Rachael Leigh Cook) stepsister.

“That was a super magical summer for a lot of us. There is something about the confidence that you have a young woman, you just really feel like anything is possible,” Oleynik continued. “If you just get the right group together and you put your heads together that you can kind of do anything you dream of. I think that is always incredibly important.”

Although the stars haven’t officially reunited for a sequel as of yet, the women have remained close, and even got together for a Golden Globes viewing party in January 2018.

“This is a club I’m so grateful to be a part of 🙌🏼 ,” Schuyler Fisk, who played camp founder Kristy, captioned a photo at the time alongside Oleynik, Cook, Bre Blair (who played Stacey) and the film’s director, Melanie Mayron. “These women have my heart … and all my secrets 😬. #friendsforever #bsc4life.”

Cook later told Entertainment Tonight about the impromptu reunion, saying it was “like no time has passed at all” between filming the coming-of-age story and now.

“First of all, these girls look amazing,” the She’s All That actress gushed in January 2018. “And I think we all trusted each other enough back then, even as young teens, to behave like our authentic selves. So for better (them) or worse (me), we’re still very similar to the people we were back in 1995.”

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