Everything We Know About Bravo’s ‘Winter House’

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Let it snow! As stars from Southern Charm and Summer House came together for the crossover series Winter House, not everyone knew what to expect.

Craig Conover, who stars on the Charleston-based series, exclusively told Us Weekly that being filmed while living in a house with a new group was very unfamiliar for him.

“You really get to learn a lot more about us,” he told Us in October. “For Austen [Kroll] and me, it was definitely a new experience being under surveillance and to see us build new relationships with people we didn’t know.”

The Sewing Down South founder called the experience “more raw,” with the cast only spending two weeks together as love triangles and drama escalates.

“It’s a new side to us. You’re used to seeing us in suits and dressed up, and in very, like, social settings, but this will be the first time you get to see us really in a day to day,” Craig added at the time. “It’ll be a new side of our personality … [but] that also comes with its cons, because you also get to see us in our worst moments too.”

After the trailer for the upcoming reality series dropped in September, longtime Bravo fans couldn’t help but notice the connections that Winter House has to its predecessors.

Hookups seemingly occur between Austen and Summer House‘s Lindsay Hubbard, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. Austen is also seen connecting with Ciara Miller and it doesn’t seem like the end of the love fest for the Kings Calling Brewing Co. founder.

“Hold on. Let me get this right: three girls fighting over Austin Kroll? Just confused,” Paige DeSorbo said in the sneak peek of Winter House.

The podcast host’s love life gets explored both on the show and off. After flirting with model Andrea Denver in the trailer, Paige was later linked to Craig after they were spotted spending time together post-filming.

Although the “Giggly Squad” host previously denied that there was anything going on between her and the South Carolina native, a source told Us on October 4 that the pair are “officially together.” The insider explained that “their friendship turned into a relationship as they’ve spent more time together in recent weeks.”

As the cast starts to form new bonds, people from their past still seem to be on their mind. In a clip from Winter House, Austen tells Craig that “Madison [LeCroy] texted me and she goes, ‘Please tell me that you haven’t moved on.’”

Despite what is suggest in the trailer, Madison, who announced her split with Austen in December 2020, shared how happy she was for her ex after seeing a glimpse at his time on Winter House.

“When I first saw the trailer for Winter House, I actually called him and he was like, ‘I can’t talk about this right now.’ And I said, ‘No, I actually was calling to tell you, like, good for you,’” Madison told Us in September.

She recalled telling Austen, “‘Like, you look like the GOAT here. I mean, all these girls are fighting over you.’ I was, like, ‘You’ve been insecure before in the past. So this should like boost your confidence through the roof and good. I’m happy for you.’”

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